Vehicle Tracking System


Open Source code GPS Vehicle

We provide open source system for various GPS tracking devices. At the moment server supports various different protocols. We are written in Java and C# .Net portable between different operating systems and platforms. At the moment installation packages provided for Windows.

Why Open Source GPS Vehilce Tracking Software

  • Improve vehicle management business
  • Reduction in Vehilcle operating costs
  • Increase customer satisfication
  • Track your vehicle easily

Benefits of Open Source GPS Vehilce Tracking Software

  • Live Tracking
  • Group Tracking
  • Tracking History
  • Fuel Tracking & History with Graphs
  • Overspeed Alert
  • Route & Region Mapping
  • Including Email & SMS alerts
  • Attendance report with RFID
  • Camera snapshot on each and every 5 minutes
  • Overall reports
  • Panic & SOS alerts


  • Dashboard
  • Live, Group and History tracking with playback
  • Administration for Device, Driver, Vehicle, Geo Zone Region
  • Tagging for Device-Vehicle, Vehicle-Driver, Vehicle Region
  • Over speed, Region Cross SMS Alerts
  • Reports - Distance Travelled Report, Event Log report, Region In-Out Report, Device, Vehicle, Driver Reports
  • DCS for TR06N
  • Live tracking
  • Group Tracking
  • Navigation History Playback & Tracking
  • Speed alert
  • Geo-fencing alert
  • RFID Attendance support
  • GPS Camera Support for Schools
  • Customer vehicle location Alerts
  • Trip Details
  • Google Map support
  • Vehicle Traveled Distance
  • Fuel Consumption Graph
  • Multi Device Support (Same application for different device models)
  • SOS alerts
  • Low battery Alert
  • Heartbeat Details
  • Easy Device, Vehicle & Driver mapping features.
  • Create N Regions & Self mapping with vehicles
  • Late arrival or departure report
  • Real time Google Address of vehicles on Maps
  • Festival alert on Login for Customer & Users
  • Easy Configuration Settings by Admin
  • Role based user control like Superadmin, Dealers & End users.
  • Latest Technology with Jquery + WCF
  • Mail Alerts [Optional] - Pluggable
  • GSM Model based Auto SMS on request based [Optional]
  • Multi Language Support( Hindi, Tamil & English)
  • Any Customization based on requirement (Charges additional)
  • Package II + Android Mobile App


Live Tracking

History Tracking


Alert & Notification


Fuel Monitoring

Speed Monitoring

Remote Shutdown