School Bus Tracking


School Bus Tracking

School buses are under pressure to not only provide a safe, reliable service to school children and their parents, but also to run efficiently and provide a profitable return to the bus service for the school.

Why School Bus Tracking

  • Student's safety
  • Vehicle alert for parents
  • Alert on parents by vehicle arriving & departing late
  • Cost Savings
  • Time Management
  • Better maintenance
  • Two - Way communications

Benefits School Bus Tracking

  • Live vehicle tracking
  • Vehicle & Student Safety
  • Instant Alerts
  • Panic Alert
  • Overspeed Alert
  • Tracking the halt, speed and idle state of buses
  • Regular monitoring to prevent delays in bus arrivals
  • Student Safety through GPS Camera
  • Student attendance to GPS RFID


  • Dashboard
  • Live, Group and History tracking with playback
  • Administration for Device, Driver, Vehicle, Geo Zone Region
  • Tagging for Device-Vehicle, Vehicle-Driver, Vehicle Region
  • Over speed, Region Cross SMS Alerts
  • Reports - Distance Travelled Report, Event Log report, Region In-Out Report, Device, Vehicle, Driver Reports
  • DCS for TR06N
  • Live tracking
  • Group Tracking
  • Navigation History Playback & Tracking
  • Speed alert
  • Geo-fencing alert
  • RFID Attendance support
  • GPS Camera Support for Schools
  • Customer vehicle location Alerts
  • Trip Details
  • Google Map support
  • Vehicle Traveled Distance
  • Fuel Consumption Graph
  • Multi Device Support (Same application for different device models)
  • SOS alerts
  • Low battery Alert
  • Heartbeat Details
  • Easy Device, Vehicle & Driver mapping features.
  • Create N Regions & Self mapping with vehicles
  • Late arrival or departure report
  • Real time Google Address of vehicles on Maps
  • Festival alert on Login for Customer & Users
  • Easy Configuration Settings by Admin
  • Role based user control like Superadmin, Dealers & End users.
  • Latest Technology with Jquery + WCF
  • Mail Alerts [Optional] - Pluggable
  • GSM Model based Auto SMS on request based [Optional]
  • Multi Language Support( Hindi, Tamil & English)
  • Any Customization based on requirement (Charges additional)
  • Package II + Android Mobile App


Live Tracking

History Tracking


Alert & Notification


Fuel Monitoring

Speed Monitoring

Remote Shutdown